VM Appliances

I maintain a collection of VM appliances with various OSes installed.  There are many reasons to deploy a VM appliance including;

  • To analyse malware payloads / infected URLs
  • To sandbox untrusted / unaudited software
  • To recreate OS specific conditions during troubleshooting.
  • To run Windows environments on top of a Linux host and vise versa.

By downloading a VM you agree to identify and adhere to relevant legislation applicable to you, including regulation specially originating from;

  • The United Kingdom (my site is physically hosted in London)
  • The US state of New York (my hosting provider’s legal headquarters)

You should not use these VMs to commit criminal or unlawful activity, including using them to avoid or otherwise circumvent restrictions coded into proprietary / non-free software.

All VM appliances are provided with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY WHATSOEVER.

CentOS 7 Minimal

v1.0: Install from minimal iso 1611

2G swap partition, 23G root, legacy bios boot, dhcp 4/6.

SELinux: enforcing targeted policy 3.13.1-166.

Ran as root:
# timedatectl set-timezone Europe/London && yum -y update && reboot

MD5: 99bbfdc35aee85235bec6a6f60125659

Windows 98 SE

v1.0: Vanilla installation. Activated with key:

Locale set to Europe/London

MD5: 4e09c491000e9f3ef4f1f7df68057242

Windows XP (Black Edition)

v1.0: Vanilla installation. ISO pre-activated.

No bundled extras installed.

MD5: fd683de6c968218a36898d5b4f01f714

Windows 7 (Ultimate)

v1.1: Update policy changed to "Let me choose" for everything.

All available updates applied.

Resolution changed from 800x600 to 1024x768
MD5: c5052bee8f7903ac575c74f7dc2ed29d

v1.0: Vanilla installation. Not activated.

Locale set to Europe/London. 

Automatic updates disabled.

Default VirtualBox NAT network set as "Home Network".
MD5: 225633612c1b012784f31f9029178465

Windows 10 (Professional)

v1.1: Removed tiles from start menu

Disabled Windows Store & OneDrive
Disabled forced 'update and restart' behavior
Disabled telemetry
Disabled novelty lock-screen

v1.0: Vanilla installation from ISO 1607.

Not activated.

Cortina + other telemetry based options all toggled to no during setup.
MD5: 5f18af202192cb2654f9d97085208a5f

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