For your information. Due to an upcoming upgrade to the infrastructure backend of this site, I have withdrawn my Tor relay from the network. This is until further notice with the likely time of return to be late Q3 / early Q4 this year.

I maintain a Tor entrance / middle hop relay which averages around 6000 to 8000 concurrent connections 24/7 and has achieved Guard status on the network.

The relay is was physically located at Equinix LD5 and is part of AS14061


2F89 0050 D2BB E412 8FB4 A387 7280 216F 863D E787

See the Tor Metrics (formerly¬†Tor Atlas) page for relay ‘LeeFullerDotIO

I also provide free server management in the form of setup and security hardening for novice Tor relay operators to support the work of the Tor project.

Email [email protected] (Public PGP key is here)