Manual steps required before Sorenson Squeeze MPD will work with Bitmovin, Flowplayer + Dash.JS

Originally this post was titled “MPEG DASH manifest tweaks for Bitmovin player”. I have recently worked with a Flowplayer based solution which presented the exact same symptoms, and requiring the exact same manual workaround. Annoyed by this, I though it was time to stop being vague and factually inaccurate and attribute blame where it belongs: Sorenson Squeeze. Overall, Squeeze provides a reliable, consistent DASH workflow. Squeeze encodes and segments DASH reliably, without much fuss.

It’s a useful work tool, however, for several years now it has been necessary to manually edit the same two entries in the MDP file generated by Squeeze – otherwise the players seem to do nothing besides generate console errors. This is consistent with Flowplayer, Bitmovin player and Dash.js that I am aware of.

I emailed Sorenson to ask if the DASH had been improved with v11. A rep replied “I don’t think there have been any updates to MPEG-DASH since Squeeze 9.”

I hope that the information passed to me by Sorenson’s rep was simply incorrect. Eventually I’ll evaluate Squeeze 11 Pro to find out for myself, or maybe I’ll hear from someone at Sorenson.

Credit for this workaround goes to Joanne on Sorenson Media’s forum.

These changes are required in the manifest / MPD file. 

Delete second BaseURL tag
Change audio codec





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